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About Us

Are you like most companies who have been through a carousel of marketing companies trying to find the one company that will produce results every time?

My name is Monte Clark, and I started Relevant Marketing solutions for clients who are ready to roll-up their sleeves, dig into the nitty-gritty of marketing strategy, and build their companies with out of the box thinking.

A good marketing company is a partnership.

I have found that marketing strategy without buy-in is dead in the water before it even starts. We work closely with decision-makers because what we do needs to produce. What we do needs to build your business. It’s a trickle down process, and it works.

As you will see on our site, we are world-class creatives. But, we’re more than that. We are business owners, we are lovers of data, we are techies, we are strategists, we are leaders, and most of all, we are family.

If you’re ready to see what my family can do for yours, contact us today!

In a world turned upside down from a pandemic and fear, effective marketing strategy is more than serious… It’s survival

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